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I am nothing more than what you see; because no matter how loud I shout myself, your ignorant ears are deaf to the truth.
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Where has the truth gone?
Why has he left me alone?
Has my heart turned to stone?
Has my spirit become ice?
Why can I not feel his love?
Have I fallen out of sight?

As the snow falls
Covering the grassy fields
Burying the earth’s beauty
In this white prison
In this frozen spell
I sleep.

In my dreams
I hide away
Underneath an ice barrier
Away from the harsh winds
From reality.

The further I go
The colder it gets
My humanity
My sanity

I am a human. Of course I’m not perfect and of course I’m going to make mistakes. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep the mistakes to a minimal, but I am indeed human. I have faults just like everyone else and I am beautiful just like everyone else. My body, mind, spirit and heart are my own. I am an individual, just like everyone else. I have too much going on to actually explain. I am like a lake: on the surface I seem consistent, maybe with a few ripples, but a constant image that doesn’t change—but when you dive a little deeper, you feel pressure and see something that amazes you. There are many cracks, many crannies and so much to explore. Though on the outside, I may seem simple, I am full of life and beauty. Yet, it isn’t something that can be explained in words; one must view it for themselves. Who can look into the universe and describe its full beauty and wonders? Even if one could describe it, what they see may be different from what you would see. I am something you must experience. Something that can not be summed up in words or by appearance. In short, I am that I am.

my eyes have caught you
your expression is the same
the feeling of your heart
broadcasted on your face
and I’m to blame

There’s so many things I haven’t seen
so many things I haven’t done
too many to count
things I have yet to experience.

And yet for some odd reason,
I want to enjoy every new thing
with you.

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